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The reason why Slot Machine Gaming is considered “The Crack Cocaine” of Gambling Addiction?
What makes slot machine gambling so addicting? What is the reason it’s dubbed to be the “crack cocaine of addiction”? Why is it that slot machine gaming is thought to be the most addictive type of gambling in the world currently? situs judi slot online

I’ll try to solve those questions within this post. These are important questions and the answers could aid in understanding why so many people are addicted to “slots”, “pokies” as well as “fruit machines”.

Slot machines make use of what’s commonly referred to by psychologists in the field of psychology as “intermittent reinforcement” Basically, what is meant by this is that winning on a machine is not always the case.

This kind of reinforcement is believed to be extremely effective because individuals are only rewarded in certain intervals. This could cause an addictive reaction , which can lead to an obsession that is easy to overcome. If you reward only occasionally. It is certain to cause an obsessive response.

Furthermore, studies have revealed that the neurotransmitter dopamine has a significant role in the development of a gambling addiction. Dopamine is also known for its “feel good” chemical. Patterns that appear created by slot machinesand frequent winning spins cause an adrenaline rush within the brain that induces people to continue playing.

It is likely that you have heard previously that gamblers have become “addicted by the action”and not as keen in winning money as they might believe they are. The dopamine rush is so intense and satisfying that gambling is euphoric itself. It’s a way to enjoy is not a method to a final goal.

Dopamine’s function in the brain is important and strong. Patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease who were taking medication to boost the amount of dopamine within their brains began developing addiction to gambling, particularly slots machine gaming. After cessation of the medications, their addiction and excessive gambling was stopped. This was true for a large percentage of those using these kinds of drugs.

Slot machine addiction is believed as one of the “crack cocaine” of gambling due to a variety of reasons.

Crack cocaine is among the most addictive drugs available in the present. Gaming on slot machines is believed as the most addicting type that gambling… without a doubt.

Both can be compared because of the fast and rapid progression of addiction. The person could be in complete devastation and despair with an addiction to a slot machine within a period of up to three years. Different forms of betting will not progress as fast.

A different comparison highlights how both kinds of addiction could cause denial, despair and despair due to the intensity and power of the substance or behaviour that is addictive.

Drugs, prostitution, theft and loss of jobs and marriage, as well as financial issues are all common to both of these addictions. There are horror stories about people suffering from one or the other addiction. These tales are commonplace.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to compare the addiction to slot machines with the addiction to crack cocaine. The similarities between both addictions are quite striking.

What is the reason Slot Machine Addiction Considered The most addictive form of gambling?

This issue is related to the two above areas that I have addressed with the exception of a few other concepts I believe should be noted:

Slot machines are developed by psychologists, as well as other specialists who are specially trained to create slot machines that draw people in and to addict them.
The new video-based mulit-line electronic slots come with graphics and colors that are very captivating and stimulating to the eyes.
The music played of video slot machines is extremely attractive, repetitive, seductive and actually reinforces. There is a strong subliminal message that is evident in this.
Bonus rounds on video slot machines may encourage to play on even in the face of huge losses, as bonus rounds can be very thrilling and give you a excitement.
Its speed and the high-speed of modern slot machines keep your adrenaline pumping in conjunction with all the above mentioned factors.
The jackpots on slot machines are often huge but the odds of winning them are similar to winning the lottery Powerball as well, if not even more unlikely.
Slot machines can be an ideal place for you to “zone out”. The modern slot machines can send you in a state of mind that is difficult to get out of.
Slot machines require only a minimum or no experience which makes it simple to simply sit down and click the buttons without thought, consideration or thought.
It’s easy to play slot machines since they all accept dollars and also give players coupons on finishing the game. The value of money decreases and is transformed into “monopoly” money.
ATM Machines are generally located close to slot machines, in a bid to keep players playing.
Most slot machines offer denominations of 1 cent up to 5 cents. The gambler is fooled into thinking they’re not investing a lot. What’s not said however is that the bet could be anywhere from $15 to 20 dollars per game. Are these machines really an actual penny machine or a nickel machine?

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